We are Asking UN World Heritage Committee to Save our Lake

Starting tomorrow June 28 till July 8, 2015, the UN World Heritage Committee will meet to discuss the fate of Lake Turkana. In this meeting, the members will decide if to inscribe Lake Turkana into the list of World Heritage in Danger.

This committee has failed several times to inscribe this precious lake in this list despite having acted in the to protect World Heritage sites threatened by dams, including in those in China and Honduras. To us, our Lake is not just a Heritage site, it is our lifeline. Without it many lives will be lost. We, as the local communities, are demanding that this treasure be protected from a human-made disaster.


The main reason why Lake Turkana is in danger is because of the building of the Ethiopian Gibe Dams, particularly Gibe III, and the associated large-scale agricultural irrigation projects in the Lower Omo basin.

We are calling on the World Heritage Committee to finally inscribe Lake Turkana in the endangered list during their meeting. You too can join the petition that our friends at International Rivers have posted online. Click here to sign the petition

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