Natural resource governance is key in FoLT’s goal of ensuring that people and ecosystems interact without jeopardizing each other.

FoLT is actively participating in trans-boundary resource management. A key project in this area is the Save Lake Turkana Campaign that advocates for the sustainable management of the Omo River Basin.

In this campaign, FoLT has continued to offer technical support to governments in order for a sustainable management plan to be agreed upon between the Kenyan and Ethiopian governments. FoLT is involved in supporting the formation of a cooperative framework between Kenya and Ethiopia concerning the management of the waters of River Omo and Lake Turkana.

FoLT is also involved in a campaign to persuade the Ethiopian government to stop the construction of the Gibe III Dam and consequent dam cascades. In this campaign also, FoLT seeks to persuade Ethiopia to stop expanding irrigation fed sugarcane and cotton plantations that will depend on water from the Gibe III Dam and consequent Give IV and other dams yet to be constructed.

FoLT’s mission is to see that the integrity of the ecosystem of the Lower Omo and Lake Turkana, as well as the livelihoods of the more than 500,000 indigenous inhabitants of he Lower Omo and Lake Turkana Basins are maintained through sustainable development.

Gibe III Dam

The Gibe hydroelectric project is one of a series of damming projects that have been undertaken by the Ethiopian government. The project is a public-private partnership planned as a 25 year national energy master plan of Ethiopia. Gibe III threatens the biodiversity, livelihoods, and development of Northern Kenya and Southern Ethiopia, yet these potential risks have not been taken into account in the project planning by the Government of Ethiopia.

The project has been opposed by local and international environmental and human rights groups and advocates. However, it was ultimately approved based on an incomplete Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) that did not adequately take into account the perspectives of indigenous communities around Lake Turkana. Read more about Gibe 3 Dam here

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