Is it Better Late?


For your information PS Stower, Lake Turkana has been classified as a unique lake even by those who have spent years studying it, so with all due respect to your education level, I am sure you may never have been to the lake but next time, you better say NO COMMENT than open your mouth to speak.

Hon Wetangula, How better is late than never, when late is when the funding has been given to Ethiopia and the results show that it will have major effect downstream all the way to Lake Turkana? Do you think then that Ethiopian Government will return the money to the donors? Let us review the region, Ilemi Triangle; Hon Saitoti asking Northern Kenya to disarm when all communities around them in Uganda, Sudan and Ethiopia are fully armed; When Lake Turkana communities have become internal refugees; Is Late going to be better at that point?

Where does the buck stop, what fight against impunity is going on when a Cabinet Minister is making statements like this? Is it a fight against impunity or just a refocus on impunity? In my view Hon Wetangula is oblivious of the facts and is reading an Ethiopian Review of the Dam.


Day of Action Against Dams, For Rivers, Water and Life

On this Day of Action against Dams, For Rivers, Water and Life. I salute all who have fought against dams that have destoyed local communities. I tip my hat to you in Burma, bangladesh, Mozambique, Idia, Uganda, Turkey, Paraguay, my fellow Kenyan comrades, and all others all over the world. Our greatest glory is not never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

Aluta Continua!!!!