Demand Resource Governance

Governance of resources both natural, human and fiscal often fails to deliver adequately for citizens on sustainable use, justice and improved well being.

Protect 'breeding zones, stop undersize fishing'

With population growth and urbanization, increased pressure on traditional inshore and offshore fishing has led to destructive fishing activities such as undersize fishing. Undersize fishing affects the fish's  breeding cycle and could lead to the degradation of large areas of productive ecosystems; prompting our campaign for sustainable fishing within Lake Turkana
to preserve fish stock and the entire lake ecosystem.

Save L.Turkana

Advocating against destructive projects along the Omo Basin was the genesis of FoLT. While our scope of work has widened, our resolute fight for improved management of our lake lives on as an integral part of our work as we collect new data and continue to raise awareness on the vulnerability of the lake and the community that depends on it.

About Us

Friends of Lake Turkana (FoLT) is a grassroots organization founded in 2011 that works with and on behalf of the communities within the greater Lake Turkana basin to demand their collective social, environmental, economic, cultural and territorial rights. Recognizing the anti-patriarchal struggle is a vision expressed in all areas of our work
Through support of friends, family, and community, Ikal led efforts to demand for the protection of Lake
Turkana which was facing destruction from the construction of the Gibe III dam and other pstream developments on the Omo-Turkana basin, whose impacts would destroy lake Turkana, the peoples livelihoods and our national heritage, which would exacerbate conflicts, increase food security and
irreversibly destroy critical ecosystems.

Our Work

Thematic Focus

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Provide for Women-led Community Advocacy

  • Increase women voices in critical socio-economic, and ecological decisions
  • Identify and nurture women leadership
  • Safeguard girls rights
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Defend Land, Territory and Environmental rights

We work towards securing our land, territorial and environmental rights while addressing disproportionate impacts of environmental degradation, climate justice and unjust solutions on our lands, autonomy through building power within communities.
  • Advocate for pastoralists land and grazing rights
  • Promote just energy solutions
  • Demand FPIC in any projects and development processes within the territory.
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Defend Lake Turkana and its ecosystem

To protect and conserve Lake Turkana, the Lake Turkana Basin and its environment; advocate for the rights of the Turkana Basin communities;
  • Advocate against destructive projects along the Omo-Turkana basin
  • Strengthen capacity of fisherfolk and Beach management units on sustainable fisheries
  • Advocate for participatory management plan
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Demand participation of communities in budgetary and development processes

Demand participation of communities in budgetary and development processes - to ensure participatory governance of natural, human and fiscal resources for equity and sustainability
  • Strengthen capacity of legislative institutions to ensure oversight
  • Support communities in developing and monitoring development and budgetary projects
  • Establish and operationalize community radio

Our Approach

As we aspire to foster the participation of our community, we are alive to the fact that we do not exist in a vacuum, but alongside other exceptional organizations and individuals committed to championing for the rights of their communities. We work alongside these organizations and individuals in alliances and partnerships that allow for cross-learning, community exchanges and strategic partnerships that amplify indigenous community voices nationally and globally.

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The Committee on Lands, Energy, Housing and Urban Areas Management’s sensitization on Protection, registration and management of community Land by Friends of Lake Turkana in partnership with Drylands Learning and Capacity Building initiative and Pastoralist Parliamentary Group at the FoLT Resource Center.
DeCoalonize – We advocate for the right for communities to choose their own sustainable energy sources and as such we are supporting national and local efforts in fighting against the coal plant in Lamu through joint advocacy and policy efforts with local and global partners in the anti-coal, deCOALonize , campaign. Learn more about deCOALonize.