Friends of Lake Turkana

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Friends of Lake Turkana aims to:

  • Protect the natural environment, and the people and wildlife that depend upon it by linking environmental security, human rights and social need.
  • Create and implement solutions where they are needed most – training local people and communities who are directly affected to investigate, expose and combat environmental degradation and associated human rights abuses.
  • Campaign to raise international awareness on the issues affecting the lake and its eco system as well as the peace issues affecting the Lake Turkana communities as well as the neighboring communities.


After trying to raise concerns with the staff of the African Development Bank in early 2009, FoLT submitted a complaint to the Bank’s Compliance Review Mechanism Unit in March 2009 . Through this process, the Bank agreed to undertake consultations and a study of the lake. We have also brought information to the people of Lake Turkana, and supported various demonstrations against the dam. On August 26, 2010, we were informed by the CRMU that the problem-solving exercise was ending because the Bank had officially withdrawn consideration from the project.

In March 2009 and January 2010, communities around Lake Turkana held demonstrations opposing the dam. On June 15, FoLT joined protestors in Italy to oppose Italian funding for the dam. On May 21, we co-signed a letter to Industrial Commercial Bank of China which identified our concerns about their involvement in Gibe III dam. FoLT has met with officials from Government of Kenya (GoK), Ethiopian Electrical Power Company (EEPCo), European Investment Bank, African Development Bank, World Bank and the government of Italy to raise our concerns about Gibe III Dam.

We contributed to the proposal compilation of the Conflict and Cooperation over Natural Resources in Developing Countries – CoCooN in Kenya. (CoCooN is a knowledge, research and innovation programme on Conflict and Cooperation over Natural Resources in Developing Countries.)

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  • Daniel Ingollan

    Just because Lake Turkana Belongs to the marginalized communities, no body cares.
    Now that we have our county Governments in place,we are going to have a say in it as Governments.
    No national Government can interfere with us because we are all Governments and no Government is superior to each other.

    Report Daniel Ingollan Friday, 19 July 2013 13:18 Comment Link
  • Lilian Muchungi

    You are a true environmental conservation person. We wish to get more people like you in Kenya, Africa and in the world, who understands the bottlenecks tired to politics. We are still trying very had to partner with those whom we share the same vision. God help you. Thanks, i support you. Lilian

    Report Lilian Muchungi Friday, 10 May 2013 11:43 Comment Link
  • Gilbert Mato


    Can you recommend anybody to do borehole drilling for me in Lokitaung?

    Report Gilbert Mato Tuesday, 19 March 2013 13:38 Comment Link

    wish to congratulate all those involved in these initiative of protecting our environment,you are really true friends

    Report KENA KIMOGOL Tuesday, 19 March 2013 12:40 Comment Link
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