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Henry Lotiir

In addition to helping FoLT’s research and policy advocacy, Henry also serves as the secretary for the Turkana Civil Society Reference Group, the chairperson of the Lokwii Elites Empowerment Youth Group
and the Interim chairperson of the Turkana East Colleges And University Students Association (Tecusa) He holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree from the University of Nairobi.
During his time off, he enjoys reading non-fiction books, meditating and engaging in debates.

Henry Lotiir
Research and Policy Officer

Immaculate Mutheu joined FoLT as a volunteer accountant and later a Finance Intern before occupying her current position. She has been providing financial and administrative support for nine years and has
developed a strong sense of devotion for social justice. Immaculate holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and an M.A in Project Planning and Management.When she is off work , Immaculate dons another hat as a life coach to young teenage girls. She also enjoys cooking.

Immaculate Mutheu
Finance and Admin Manager

Danson’s passion for the sustainable use of environmental resources and the inclusion of local communities in the decision making process makes him the perfect programs administrator at FoLT. His background in Disaster Mitigation, Logistics and Supplies Management has been instrumental to the organisation’s success in the five years he has been with FoLT.
When he is not preoccupied with logistics and management duties, Danson likes to engage in community work as part of the child protection committee. He is also an active member of his local church where he sings and volunteers for various activities.

Danson Eweet Lominyi
Programs Administrator & Finance Assistant

Winnie is an enthusiastic and ardent social worker actively involved in issues around gender inequalities, representation and leadership, public participation and social accountability. Prior to her position at FoLT, she worked with Turkana County’s AIDS Healthcare Foundation and was part of the Anti-FGM campaigns in Elgeiyo Marakwet County. She is a member of the Kenya National Association of Social Workers, holds a diploma in Social Work and Community Development and is currently enrolled for a degree in Social Work and Administration at the Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology. Winnie also loves volunteering, travelling and cooking

Winnie Talai
Gender and Women Rights Coordinator

Beatrice is a Kenyan journalist and filmmaker. She obtained a B.A in Theatre Arts and Film Technology from the Kenyatta University and a Diploma in Mass Communication from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. She has been a part of the Kenyan Art and Media Industry as an entertainment reporter and presenter, an actress, a communications specialist and a peer teacher and mentor. Her eclectic portfolio brings a unique flair and professionalism to the communications unit of the organisation. In her down time, Beatrice loves to catch up with her family and friends, attend plays and volunteer at her local church.

Beatrice Gatwiri
Media and Communications Officer

With an education background in Community Development, psychology and entrepreneurship from Moi University, Diana’s journey in community development started at Rescue Dada
where she volunteered as a social worker who rescued young girls from the streets, before joining FoLT in 2014.
As the Administrative and Programs Assistant, Diana handles the program administrative tasks to ensure the smooth flow of operations in the organization. Over the weekends and during her time off, Diana enjoys playing tennis, volunteering and doing group tours to different parts of our beautiful country.

Diana Muatha
Administrative and Programs Assistant

Ricardo has a long history of being a land rights defender and environmentalist who has continued to demand for cultural and territorial rights within the community. He holds a diploma in social work and social administration from the Makerere Institute of Social Work and Social Administration and is also a trained paralegal. Ricardo also enjoys watching football, volleyball, theatre arts and folklore

Lopeyok Ricardo Simeon
Community Programs Coordinator

Daudi’s passion is to develop programs that support and enhance young people’s voice and capacity. It is easy for youths to be side-lined in processes of resource governance and environmental issues. Hence, Daudi’s position is a key part of FoLT’s vision of creating platforms for the meaningful inclusion of young people. Currently a student at Turkana University where he is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Daudi holds a Diploma in Business Management from Mount Kenya University. When not working, Daudi enjoys playing football and swimming.

Daudi Emase
Youth Coordinator

A passionate storyteller, Joseph is keen to give a voice to the marginalized populations. In his current role he strives to give voice to the indigenous communities in the Turkana Basin through harnessed local art and story to push for community rights and empowerment.
Joseph has had a lustrous career in both Civil Service and Non-Governmental Organizations, having worked for the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation as a Radio and TV Journalist where
he commissioned and produced several social change programs. At UN Women Kenya, he was instrumental in the communication and advocacy campaign programs to include more women in the peace and security program decisions of the United Nations Security Council
Resolution 1325, localized in Kenya National Action Plan (KNAP), under the auspices of the Kenya National Government. He has previously served in a host of other local NGO's promoting human health and community empowerment, where he is credited for promoting
remarkable interventions in Nyanza and Western regions.
Joseph holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication and Political Science as well as a Graduate Degree in International Studies, both from the University of Nairobi. He also holds a Diploma in Journalism and Public Relations from the Technical University of Kenya.

Joseph Odongo
Advocacy and Campaigns Coordinator
Eunice Ateyo

Ateyo’s passion for the community saw her leave the civil service in the ministry of interior and coordination of the national government and fully immerse herself into the community through Oxfam, as a humanitarian food monitor in Turkana. She later joined FoLT as the community programs coordinator for the Lakezone region in Turkana North. As a community programs coordinator, Ateyo hopes to ensure that her community gets the opportunity to effectively participate in all areas that concern them, to ensure sustainable development. Ateyo holds a Bachelor’s Degree and Diploma in Business Management from Mt. Kenya University. While winding down, you will find her either updating herself on current events through the news, watching a movie or listening to music.

Eunice Ateyo
Community Programs Coordinator-Lakezone

Upon leaving the UN as a casual laborer, Joyce rolled up her sleeves, joining the male- dominated construction industry as one of the artisans building the FoLT Resource Centre in
Lodwar. Once construction was over, Joyce sought a resource center assistant position, becoming one of FoLT’s first employees. Six years later, Joyce remains an integral part of the team, ensuring the resource center operations run smoothly. Away from her duties in the office, Joyce is a film buff and a lover of bongo music.

Joyce Akiru
Office Assistant
Kapua Kapelo

Kapua’s journey with FoLT started when her husband, who was working for a security firm contracted by FoLT at the time, failed to show up for work. This prompted Kapua to show up on his behalf. She proved to be a diligent worker and was fully absorbed into the role. Through the years Kapua has continued to demonstrate her loyalty, dependability and warmth as the first point of contact when you arrive at the resource centre. Like any pastoralist, Kapua spends her time away from work proudly tending to her livestock. She is also a strong believer of the power of women, as an active member of several local women groups who aim to empower each other economically.

Kapua Kapelo
Security Officer
Eunice Elipan

Eunice, a Diploma in petroleum management holder from the Kenya school of petroleum studies, joined FoLT as an intern and was later on recruited as a Project Assistant to support FoLTs work in Turkana East. Eunice’s passion lies in advocating for her community’s rights, especially women’s, making her an ideal member of the FoLT family.
At the end of the day Eunice enjoys reading her Bible and inspiration books to unwind and prepare for a new day.

Eunice Elipan
Legal Support Officer

Before joining FoLT in 2014, Ekwom had previously lived on the line of danger as a Kenya Police Reserve deployed to the conflict-ridden borders of West Pokot-Turkana and the Kenya- Uganda border. Ekwom’s most prized possession is his livestock, and it brings him much joy to tend to them during his free time.

Ekwom Eregae
Security Officer
Ikal Ang’elei

Ikal’s path has always led her towards issues of justice, equality and to the establishment of FoLT in 2010. The construction of the dam, Gibe 3 in her homeland of Turkana, naturally found her challenging the conventional ‘wisdom’ of dams as a positive infrastructure for economic development. The critical acclaim that culminated in the award of the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize in 2012 was only the start of more vigorous campaigns against Gibe 4 and 5, sugarcane and cotton plantations. With the support of her community, passionate team and partners, the Stony Brook University graduate in public policy, tenaciously continues to fight against impacts of large scale infrastructural projects that compromises the Omo-Turkana basin ecosystem, expropriates land and territories, and violates the human and indigenous rights of its inhabitants. Ikal is just as passionate about hiking, art and literature. When she is not at the forefront of environmental and social campaigns, you just might catch a glimpse of her exploring one of the many hills that adorns Turkana or enjoying a road trip across the rocky terrains while listening to an audio book or in the company of her favourite music bands

Ikal Ang’elei
Founder & Programs Director


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