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Our Work

Thematic focus

Provide for Women-led Community Advocacy

Within the national and global struggle for the rights of women, FoLT recognizes the need to ensure women are the forefront of advocating for their rights.

Having a founder who is a woman, we recognize and are aware of the discrimination and violence within the lands and territories we collectively defend.
We work to provide women led advocacy in all areas of our work and struggles, as part of our
organizational and community leadership. We act in solidarity with other women and children struggles
for equal rights, against the exclusion of women’s voices and decisions in all avenues of life and work to
provide a safe space for women to share struggles, strategies and organize, thus, the anti-patriarchal
struggle is a vision that is expressed in all areas of our work

Environment and Climate Justice

Fighting to address the disproportionate effects of environmental degradation, climate change and 
unjust energy solutions on indigenous communities, and other marginalized groups through building 
power within the communities.

Climate change, environmental degradation and unjust energy solutions threaten community lives and
livelihoods and especially those of women and children. FoLT employs its efforts in solidarity with the
local, indigenous, and global movements to address the vulnerability of especially women, children, and
indigenous populations.Addressing Environmental and climate Justice is a critical part of the struggle for local and indigenous communities. Our goal is to hold governments and corporations accountable, defend EHRDs, promote environmental protection through education, policy advocacy, community awareness and legal action.

Secure Land and Territorial Rights

FoLT works towards securing land and territory within the Turkana basin against land grabbing by multinational corporations, the state, and powerful individuals.

 FoLT seeks to defend the region’s cultural lands, rivers, lakes, and other pillars of their identity: autonomy, community solidarity, and
indigenous knowledge.

Demand Resource Governance

Governing resources for effectiveness, equity and

Governance of resources both natural, human and fiscal often fails to deliver adequately for citizens on
sustainable use, justice and improved well being. The barriers whether intended or not of decision
making structures and processes that determine the management of these resources and who benefits
from them or not continue to deny citizens effective, fair and equitable development.

Our Approach



As we aspire to foster the participation of our community, we are alive to the fact that we do
not exist in a vacuum, but alongside other exceptional organizations and individuals
committed to championing for the rights of their communities. We work alongside these
organizations and individuals in alliances and partnerships that allow for cross-learning,
community exchanges and strategic partnerships that amplify indigenous community voices
nationally and globally. 


Outreach & Advocacy



Creative expression


Legislative advocacy -through County assembly

 The Committee on Lands, Energy, Housing and Urban Areas Management’s sensitization on
Protection, registration and management of community Land by Friends of Lake Turkana in
partnership with Drylands Learning and Capacity Building initiative and Pastoralist
Parliamentary Group at the FoLT Resource Center.


Movement and coalition building to increase impact and collective action across multiple issues

DeCoalonize – We advocate for the right for communities to choose their own sustainable
energy sources and as such we are supporting national and local efforts in fighting against
the coal plant in Lamu through joint advocacy and policy efforts with local and global
partners in the anti-coal, deCOALonize , campaign.
Learn more about deCOALonize. 

WOMIN- In our quest to increase the voices of women, FoLT joined WOMIN, an Extractive
alliance working within eleven countries with women mining-impacted communities,
responding to the invisibility of women’s rights in extractives projects.

OilWatch Africa- Since the discovery of oil in Turkana, it became vital to ensure that our
community has adequate and accurate information on the impacts of its activities and their
right to free, prior informed consent before any extractive activities can take place within our
community, prompting our joining of OilWatch Africa, an umbrella body that shares in our
objectives and advocates for the rights of communities with extractives within the continent.

LAPSSET Community forum- The LAPSSET Corridor Program is supposed to bring
together Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan. The infrastructure could bring development, but
it will probably also cause major environmental and social impacts. A coalition of civil society
organizations including FoLT formed the Lapsset Community Forum to understand these
impacts and ensure that community rights, particularly those relating to land and livelihoods,
are taken into account in the planning and implementation of LAPSSET

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