Lake Turkana Wind Power Project Expected to Come Online by 2016

The Lake Turkana Wind Power Project (LTWP) got its full funding by close of 2014. It will cost a whooping $694 million contributed by the various investors: Africa Development Bank, Aldwych International and Standard Bank. The wind farm once online, will produce 300MW of electricity and is estimated to begin by 2016. LTWP project is the largest private investment in Kenyan history. It will also have the largest number of wind turbines in the entire continent, beating 300MW Tarfaya Wind Farm in Morocco.

Besides the fact the it will increase electricity production in the country, employment opportunities for the locals will be available, especially during the development phase whilst greatly improving infrastructure (especially roads) in the region. The project is both green and using renewable energy which should be applauded. However, there is contention among the locals on acquisition of the land in which the wind farm will sit. There have been allegations of irregularities in transforming community land to private land without clear processes. The local citizens laying claim to the property have complained about not been consulted about the leasing or given an opportunity to have a say on transfer of the 40,000 acres to private developers. 

Ikal Angelei had this to say about the  wind power project, “While we applaud the efforts for green energy, we would appreciate the sense of transparency in the projects so that PPPs in the continent are not neo-colonial projects. Citizens and communities should be informed on these development projects but most of all, we would like to ensure the green energy does not push for projects that do not follow due -diligence.” she said.

More on the current developments in the project on CNN

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